The face lift massage draws on the wisdom of ancient Ayurvedic healers (Ayurveda means "the science of life").  The treatment combines the benefits of energy balancing, accupresure, lymphatic drainage.  The face lift massage not only decreases facial lines, it also leaves the recipients feeling better connected to their bodies innate healing energies.


The face lift massage works in complete synergy with your bodys' natural anti-aging defence systems. Using different massage techniques to uplift, release tension and re-train muscles, you will notice a difference even after the first session.


Natural face lift massage is exactly what it says, a completely natural face lift without the need for botox or invasive surgery. A course of six natural face lift massages are recommended to retrain muscles with a top up once per month, but even a single session will benefit and leave you glowing.


A natural face lift massage session with Michele lasts aproximately one hour.


Benefits of the Natural Face Lift Massage


  • Lessens wrinkles and habitual expression lines

  • Releases tension in surrounding muscles

  • Tones and firms facial muscles

  • Reduces under eye bags and puffiness

  • Increases elasticity

  • Improves skin tone

  • Softens the skin

  • Refines pores

  • Enhances the supply of nutrients to skin cells

  • Promotes better blood and lymphatic circulation

  • Frees constrictions in connective tissue and facial muscles

  • Increases elimination of toxins

  • Balances the body's subtle energy

  • Generates a glowing look for days

  • Promotes a relaxed more mobile and youthful appearance

  • Relieves stress related symptoms such as headaches, eyestrain, and insomnia

  • Among the many benefits of this rejuvenating facial it is also deeply relaxing

Miss R amazing jaw definition after only 3 natural face lift massages
Mrs P's forehead after only 3 natural face lift massages (74 years old)
Ms M very dry lined skin results after only three natural face lift massages

"This is better than a holiday!"

                Mrs P


"I never want to give this up!"

                Miss R


"I feel like a completely new person"

               Miss M

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